Search engines generate almost 90% of all internet traffic, and if SEO isn’t part of your marketing strategies then you are missing out on the real fruits of digital marketing. With proper SEO you can bring home targeted traffic and remarkable conversions compared to any other digital marketing or advertisement technique.

Search Engine OptimizationThe Art of SEO

In the most basic terms possible Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your website or blog more visible. There are varied avenues to this, with the final result being more ” searchability “.

In order for major search engines to recognize your website, you have to make sure it is built properly. This requires use of proper meta-tags, appropriate key-word and most importantly quality web content. Afterwards, you need to build backlinks to link your site to others within your niche. Backlinks show that your site is an important hub of information. As a matter of fact, without recognition of such kind it’d be nearly impossible to ” win the attention ” of search engines.

SEO and Numbers

Metaphorically speaking, you must always have your fingers on the pulse of your web traffic stats. How else would you tell if your SEO is working properly and identify what strategies are successful?

Measuring the on-site behavior of your visitors is essential, not only in determining the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts, but in measuring the effectiveness of your ability to convert those visitors to buyers.

We encourage our clients to install stats tools to enable them keep track of their day to day performance. For clients who already know their numbers, we start the SEO process with a comprehensive audit of your site and generate a recommendations report. Our ever diligent team will run a thorough assessment of your links, keywords and content. They’ll also analyze your competitors. This will enable us to present you with an implementation plan that’s not only solid but spot-on.

From this point, you can hire us to implement the details of the plan for you. For those with an in-house search engine optimization team in place, we can offer our tools to help you achieve better results.

Why Choose Us?

For starters, we are backed by a result oriented, no nonsense group of SEO professionals who are not only passionate about what they do but also dedicated to working tireless for the promotion and optimization of your website. Our support team includes:

* An SEO analyst
* A dedicated web designer/ developer
* Full time SEO content writers

With YQuest Marketing handling your SEO needs, there’s absolutely no need to worry about the typical hassle and bewilderments of SEO works. Our data driven services ensure that you get tangible results in just a couple of months. Once you register to work with us, we shall link you to an expert account manager who will be your full-time guide. Also, in line with our principle of numbers, we shall be providing you with detailed monthly reports (presented in an easy-to-digest manner). Sounds good?

You can contact us at any time with queries regarding your website SEO needs. Need case studies?  Email and we will send them.  We’ll be pleased to serve you!