Why WordPress Is More Than Just a Blogging Platform

WordPress is a web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. Although it was originally intended as a blogging platform, it has grown over time to acquire more capabilities. So popular is WordPress today that it has lured quite a few top names into its fold: CNN, New York Times, MTV Newsroom and superstar Katy Perry to name but a few. Recent statistics show that over 25 million people, from across the globe, run their website or blog on WordPress.

Unlike in the past when WordPress was only suitable for blogs, today’s WordPress is a full-fledged content management system. This simply means that it can be used to run full-sized, highly social business websites. Even better, WordPress is pretty easy to update. You don’t need to be a web-technician to add, change or remove content from your website. This is truly the revolution that the expansive World Wide Web has for long been waiting for.

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

1. WordPress is made for SEO
WP comes with quite a couple of features that ease the task of achieving a higher rank on search engine results. Its special design allows you to create posts and pages and categorize them for seamless interlinking. Besides that, it allows you to add a couple of images next to your content to make your pages look more compelling. Plus it has a built-in ping function and RSS feed. You’ll never get enough of WordPress at least as far as SEO is concerned.

2. No HTML knowledge is necessary for updating content
Gone are the days when you have to constantly bother your webmaster in order to make a change to a web-page or update content. WP is very user-friendly and allows you to easily update and tweak most areas on your site without having to consult a professional designer.

4. WordPress Equals More Functionality
There are thousands, if not millions of plugins and extensions that you can use to extend the function of your website. These exist for all manner of useful things like SEO, appointment books, calendars and forms. Additionally, there are niche-specific plugins. Plus there is a searchable database from which you can access limitless themes, widgets and tools. Even better news, this database keeps growing by the day since WordPress brings together some of the world’s best web development minds.

4. Support and beyond
From the support forums, to WorldCamp and other open discussion platforms where people meet and share their experiences of wordpress to the elaborate WP Codex for those with very specific questions, there’s a warm community of people and resources to inspire you. Plus there are so many articles being written about WP that you can always refer to.

5. Easy installation
Simple click installation services are provided by many hosting companies including Hostgator, 1and1 and Bluehost. Once again, you don’t need to be a techno-guru to understand how this is done. The process is pretty straight-forward and if you get stuck (which is highly unlikely), solutions are always easy to come by.

To sum it up, if you’re thinking of creating a webpage for your business or personal use you could have a site up live in a matter of minutes of you install WP. Get in touch with our hardworking team and let’s get the job done!